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Anna Mirimanova is a Los Angeles-based event producer. She's an entrepreneur on a

mission to EMPOWER, EDUCATE and ENLIGHTEN those who attend her events.

Over the years, she's studied and implemented kundalini yoga, vipassana meditation

energy work, and various breathing techniques into her daily rituals and worked closely with

different spiritual practitioners from Russia and US.

Self-development is a massive part of Anna's life. She's taken courses and attended Tony

Robbins and Dr. Joe Dispenza events, to name a few. Anna has produced workshops and

business seminars that incorporate various topics such as mind expansion, teachings of

meditation practices, esoteric practices, metaphysics, and self-healing. She enjoys

collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs to create meaningful events that impact many

people's lives. Currently, Anna focuses on producing 3 types of events that incorporate the

Expansion of Consciousness, Women's Empowerment, and Self-development.

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