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Blogs by the founders of the Way of truth, beauty and LOve.

Whether Spiritual or Biological,

As Parents we have the Opportunity to bring a New Wave of Consciousness into the World that has the potential to transform it for the better through our Children. They are the Light of Universal Intelligence that shines more and more powerfully with each passing Day that we encourage them to walk in The Way of Truth, Beauty and Love in all they do.

And to those who say, “Well that’s not really my responsibility, I don’t have kids anyway”,

I implore you to consider the following…

How much more fulfilling, enjoyable and meaningful would your life suddenly be to live in the Here and Now;

If you awakened to the Truth that all Children, biologically yours or not, have the potential to be positively influenced by your Loving Awareness, Guidance and Protection as a Sovereign Individual, and go on to then create the most incredible Future for us all in ways we can’t even imagine as a result of how you inspired and made an impact on their Soul in the Present?

The indescribable Power of the above Realization alone speaks clearly for itself, and is a priceless gift we appreciate more and more deeply as we continue becoming the absolute best versions of ourselves.

Parents and Children are truly a Yin and Yang, a Teacher and Student, “Back to the Future” parallel that allows for us to merge the Ancestral Wisdom from our Past with the Limitless Possibility of the Future.

Keep this in Mind the next time a Child looks at you with Joy and Love in their eyes, or waves to you from across the way when you’re out and about; always remembering that You live for Them, and They live for You.

Author: Alexander Xavier Feliz




"Is it Coffee time?"

Many of us when asked this by others or even when thought of ourself, begin to envision that steaming hot cup of coffee, the sweet aroma in the air and the robust, pronounced taste that lingers in our mouth.

We may think of friends, socialising and even romance when thinking of coffee, as well as a cold still morning with the warmth of our favorite coffee mug in our hands as it heats up our body...

Whatever it is that we prefer to do when drinking coffee, the one thing all coffee lovers can agree on is that we can't wait to indulge in the next one!

Aside from the nearly indescribable pleasure of drinking coffee; the taste, smell and texture of it, are many people aware of the health benefits to drinking coffee?

Not really!

So I'm going to share with you now some of the many benefits coffee has for your health.

And to be specific I'm talking about the coffee that comes directly from organic and mindfully grown coffee beans, not the powdered coffee you buy in jars as those are far from being real coffee and are full of harmful substances and preservatives.

Health Benefits of Grounded Coffee Beans:

• A morning cup of coffee boosts productivity.

• Coffee may lower the risk of Alzheimer's.

• Coffee contains health protective compounds.

• Coffee consumption lowers the risk of Melanoma Skin Cancer.

• Coffee contains a wide range of Polyphenols (Antioxidants).

• Drinking coffee appears to lower the risk of a stroke.

• Coffee may help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

• Caffeine has various health benefits too.

• Coffee may protect against liver damage.

• Longevity studies show coffee may help you live longer.

• Coffee is associated with a reduced risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

• Coffee drinkers have lower rates of Depression.

• Coffee has a protective effect on teeth and gums.

• Caffeine boosts physical performance.

• Higher coffee consumption appears to lower cancer risk.

To learn about each of these benefits in detail here is the link to the article in full ⬇️

Enjoy, savor and appreciate that cup of coffee even more than you did the last, and have yourself an amazing rest of the day! ☕✨

In Truth, Beauty and Love...

Author: Samantha Serra



A Sovereign Man is the most terrifying thing a Woman will ever encounter.

Because once a Man becomes truly Sovereign,

He cannot be tamed,

He cannot be molded,

He cannot be influenced,

He cannot be controlled.

He cannot be manipulated into what most Women think they want him to be.

They complain that their Man isn’t strong enough, doesn’t fuck them hard enough,

well enough or frequently enough.

Isn’t firm, passionate, compassionate, exciting or masculine enough.

They say they want a King, an Emperor whose established, grounded and mature.

But what they don’t see, is that the very thing that would make this Man all of that and more for them...

Is also the very thing that when it truly shows up, will threaten to completely destroy all their preconceived Disney Princess fantasies and religious, societally conditioned matrimonies and ideologies that are keeping their Ego intact.

And that shit is terrifying to them.

A Man who isn’t dependent on Mommy's love,

So starving for her nourishment and so scared of it’s withdrawal that he will do anything to keep it on tap. A Man who tentatively puts all his desires and needs aside for theirs,

the strings of their purse tightening around his balls with every, ‘Yes, Dear’.

A Sovereign Man's Integrity and Love for Life are far more important to him than his need for her approval. He loves her, but loves himself more. A Sovereign Man says No when he means No and Yes when he means Yes,

and he’s 100% aligned with the way he embodies the Truth in his unique way, with a level of Grace, Finesse and Swag all his Own.

Whether she chooses to walk with him or not in The Way of Truth, Beauty and Love is not a concern of his, for he will continue to do so anyway.

His Mastery of Self Love, is the very thing they have yet to fully realize for themselves.

This kind of Man is so terrifying because it sheds a bright and unrelenting, yet understanding and compassionate light on a certain kind of position that a vast majority of Modern Women find themselves in.

Where their tried and tested hooks no longer work, and wondering why shit just doesn't make any sense.

No longer can they control with their emotional, sexual super powers and tricks that have worked on every other Man since they became "Daddies Girl". Those parts that know precisely all his weak spots and how to trigger, seduce, overwhelm, entice and frustrate him to get exactly what they want and keep him there.

When a Man becomes Sovereign, and fully actualizes his Potential as a Dominant Leader – No longer can Women use him for their own sense of security, safety and holding...

And suddenly those things become their own Responsibility; they are pushed into having their own discernment, to walking their own path and finding their own Truth and Fullness.

You want Him to Love and Embrace your Wildness don’t You?

But what about His?

Not being in control of Men,

is a terrifying fucking thing for most Women.

Lingering memories of burnings and witch hunts in their blood. Abuse, torture, control and rape in the collective memories and traumas of being a Woman...

He deeply understands,

and has felt all of it.

However Gentlemen, don’t get it twisted and think they are the weaker sex by any means.

Over the years many Women have learnt a far more covert style to have the upper hand.

You think Patriarchy can be a dangerous force of Control and Oppression?

So can a Woman who wants a Ring on it.

Most Women have turned around the very thing that was created to take possession of them – and used it to own them.

Is it their fault? Not in the least.

But the fact is most Women are suffering greatly for it, and have no clue why.

A Man first and foremost failed them to begin with long ago somewhere along the line, and therefore, a Sovereign Man must pop into a Woman's Awareness at the appointed time and not a moment later, whether she is ready for Him or not; as an Equalizer, and a Redemptive Force of Nature to Heal and Resolve the deepest matters of the Heart and Soul.

Whether we are Man or Woman, the Truth is that none of us are possessions to be owned, but beings to be appreciated.

This isn’t about "Polyamory" or "Monogamy" or what is a “Right or Wrong” way of being together. This is about deeply introspecting and examining what love really is and questioning whether the bargains and contracts and subtle power agreements we've agreed to are really that.

It can be the most difficult dichotomy to get a handle of, because there is a certain part of all Women that really does enjoy being given everything they think they want.

"The Princess,

The Brat,

The Little Girl..."

She doesn’t want to hear No,


She wants it all her way,


But there is too great a sacrifice to pay if she is allowed to run the show, and that is the emasculation of the Masculine and the Death of her Feminine Essence.

A Sovereign Man doesn't gravitate towards or is attracted to immature little girls; just as insecure little boys do not cause a Grown, Feminine Woman's legs to shake.

Yet somehow most people continually turn each other into just that and then wonder why the spark has gone.

And the most terrifying thing about a Sovereign Man is also the most beautiful, because to receive the kind of Love he gives is one of the most nourishing, awe inspiring, powerful and transformational experiences a Woman will ever have.

Because when He is with You, You know its because he fully chooses to be Present with You and really fucking wants to be there with You in the Here and Now.

When he chooses to, You know its because from every part of his being, that this is the Truth for Him.

Not because you worked on him to do so.

Not because of conditioning, fear or limiting patterns of thinking and behavior.

But because You surrendered to a fundamental trust and love for His Leadership, allowing Him to be exactly as He is, and the true love that has the potential to flower from there is magnificent as a result.

Because you can truly meet and receive who he really is, rather than a watered down, compromised version of him that came forth because you pouted your lip or looked at him in just the right way that he caved in to you.

Because secretly the Man you really want, crave and desire; is a truly Bad MF.

The perfect guy that you so totally 'deserve', is the one who won’t always make you "happy".

He is going to, for the better; challenge you, scare you even, and he’s not always going to cater to you, and fuck, you’d hope he wouldn’t;

Because he respects the fact that your Happiness is not his Responsibility...

It's Yours.

Author: Alexander Xavier Feliz




Throughout our Lifetime on this Plane of Existence we are exposed to many situations and experiences.

It is through the things we sense and feel deep within ourselves that we become attached to certain beliefs and perspectives.

Many of these perspectives are born out of limiting, fear-based concepts and patterns of thinking rooted in past traumas.

When encountering different scenarios and people in your life, are you aware of the automatic, knee jerk reactions to your triggers?

Do you react based on your established beliefs and preconceived notions or are you open to innerstanding a new perspective that may inspire growth within you?

Are you so stuck in your beliefs that you end up projecting your own feelings onto the world rather than really observing a situation with no bias?

You may not even realise that you are doing this as it is your automatic reaction based on the level of awareness and understanding that you have from your previous experiences in life.

When presented with a situation that feels familiar, take a step back and observe for yourself what your automatic reaction is.

Are you present with the situation and listening to everything that is being expressed or is what you are hearing and seeing completely bypassing you because of your commitment to your own limiting beliefs?

Do you hold space for others to fully express themselves or do you disregard what they are saying because of the limiting beliefs that have taken hold of your Mind?

To avoid falling victim to your own limiting beliefs we must approach all scenarios without bias and a sincere desire to pursue a Growth Mindset.

We learn from absolutely everything and so by allowing ourselves to be open and present in every situation we are able to continually grow and expand in our awareness and love.

In Truth, Beauty and Love…

Author: Samantha Serra





Amrita (Sanskrit for Immortality, Nectar, Ambrosia) is a sacred elixir created through a buildup of Sexual Energy through the Divine Feminine, Heart-Centered Orgasmic Pleasure and Bliss the Divine Masculine induces that emanates through a Secret, Sacred Portal founded on Spiritual Principles.

This portal exists within the female reproductive system, like a Doorway, and that Doorway is spiritually connected to the Essence of the Goddess within; and is drawn out by the Warmth of a Sovereign Man’s Energy, the Strength of his Presence and the Depth of his Love and Awareness.

Unfortunately, although not all Women will be ready to receive the required level of Divine Masculine Love and Awareness that allows this Energy and subsequent physical manifestation to come through her Body, many are experiencing the initial stages of Spiritual Activation and Integration which will lead to the powerful, liberating expression of Cosmic, Divine Feminine Energy waiting to be embodied and integrated within; therefore making it possible to harness and bring forth even more powerful Ascension Energies, an even higher level of Awakening, a greater ability to transmute and expel Negative Energies; allowing for The Old to be released and make room for The New to flow in.

This Class of Woman is a Pioneer,

and as a Result... Her Reward is the Spiritual Love, Appreciation and Celebration that a Sovereign Man can give her.

For the Sovereign Man that inspires the Amrita to flow fully and freely through his Loving Awareness and Devotion, Patience and Dedication, Groundedness and Rootedness; he will naturally benefit greatly as a result and be able to also integrate Sacred Divine Energy into several of his own Multi-Dimensional and Electromagnetic Systems of Consciousness.

Furthermore, Amrita is a Profound Healing Elixir to the Sovereign Man and holds potent medicinal properties that contain deeply nourishing elements of Transformation, Evolution and Expansion that raise their overall level of Spiritual Awareness.

The Taoists refer to Female Ejaculation as the “Third Water”.

“The ancient Taoists regarded the Woman’s Fluids as being vital both for herself and her lover. The Third Water comes with the height of Orgasm; it’s what we think of as the Female Ejaculation and completes the internal balance of Water and Fire in the Woman and in the Couple.” (Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, Mantak Chia)

“The Nectar of the Goddess” is also honored and referred to as a Sacred Female Excretion in some parts of India.

“Since Sex was viewed and used as a highly spiritual expression, it is of no surprise that one of its physical manifestations and expressions, Ejaculate Fluid, would also naturally be viewed as Spiritual and studied in great detail.” (Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, Deborah Sundahl)

The more Time and Energy we dedicate to learning about and understanding how to cultivate our Life Force Energy, among other natural and fundamental elements of our Existence as Spiritual, Creative Beings living the Human Experience; the more Love, Intimacy and Healing will be enjoyed by Humanity as a Collective, and the less Trauma, Pain and Suffering will be spread through the Ignorance we have passed down generation after generation...

For far too long.

author: Alexander Xavier Feliz





In the very early phases of our Spiritual Awakening and embarking on the Pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Love; when we’ve come to a deeply profound Realization and Awareness of who we truly are as Divine Beings with Universal Intelligence living the Human Experience…

We may begin to feel our surroundings becoming unfamiliar to us, as though we are tourists, passersby in our own town; foreign entities moving through a place we used to call “Home”.

As the Light of our Love, Peace and Joy begins to clash more and more with the overwhelming Darkness of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt present in those around us; and as our Level of Consciousness increases the gap between ourselves and our surroundings, we may struggle with feeling a deep longing and yearning in our Gut for a Place with an Energy that truly feels like “Home” to our Heart and Soul.

This Outcry to the Universe may very well manifest itself at first as Loneliness, or the Ego feeling out of place in the Here and Now.

Loneliness in Essence, at it’s Core; is something we experience when we momentarily place more importance on external validation, recognition and acknowledgment from others and our surroundings than we do on Self Love.

The “Cure” to Loneliness really, is focusing more on the Love, Trust in and Respect we have for ourselves above all else. When we do this, we are subconsciously emitting and communicating to the Universe a powerful, high level of positive vibration that will be reciprocated to us at the perfect time, making manifest the experiences we want to enjoy with individuals that truly resonate with us on our Level of Consciousness.

This, is what differentiates Loneliness from Aloneness; which is a full, graceful acceptance and surrender to the bittersweet truth that we are all alone on our singular Journey through Life that is truly unique to each and every single one of us.

One of the most powerful things we can do to remember what this is to experience when we’ve forgotten how to; is to read, listen to or watch inspired works of art from those who created from the most sacred, intimate place of their Heart and Soul to share their unique insights regarding the challenges we face as we live the Human Experience.

In a way, whether they are alive or have transcended this plane of existence in Death; as their works of art inspire us, we may feel as though they are our closest friends, Brothers and Sisters in Spirit that helped give us the deep meaning and significance behind our trials and tribulations in Life when we needed them the most. Most importantly, they remind us of what it truly feels like to be at “Home”, no matter what the circumstances may be or where we find ourselves on our Journey.

And all of a sudden, just like that…

Everything makes perfect sense, people we resonate and vibe with that truly love us pop into our awareness, and Life once again becomes this fulfilling adventure that is so much simpler to move through and a pure joy to experience.

Loneliness; is temporary,

Spiritual Amnesia…

Aloneness; is Eternal Redemption,

and our return Home.

-Alexander Xavier Feliz




To be broken into Lovingly, Gracefully and Powerfully is something truly Priceless...

To be Seen, Felt, Heard and Held during your most vulnerable expressions is a gift that very few are able to share with you.

To have a warm, bright light shine on the darkest parts of yourself; the parts that have been buried deep within, the parts that you have avoided because the very thought of facing them scares you...

Most times we are completely unaware of these parts of ourselves because of how far we have pushed them away and denied them.

This... This is what being broken into feels like.

When there is nowhere to run and hide; when you are fully exposed, seen in your most raw and authentic state of being.

To be comforted and held during the 'breaking open' of these old wounds...

To feel supported and loved through the pain that unravels from these old beliefs and feelings that have been suppressed for so long.

As you open up, face them completely and start pouring out all the emotions that surround them...

And doing so will be followed by the most beautiful, profound level of healing that occurs only after everything has come out, leaving you feeling 'Brand New' and standing strong in this new found 'Power' as you have become an even Stronger, Powerful and Healed version of Yourself...

Which is truly what You were always meant to be.

So Thank You,

Forever and Always...

For breaking into my Heart, without breaking it.

-Samantha Serra


The Essence of this Message right here Ladies and Gentlemen, is exactly everything saddening and maddeningly wrong with the Consciousness of the Human Species as a whole at Present, and this shit brought me to tears…

Our Life as we experience it today was basically imagined into Existence by this immeasurably, miraculously talented Genius, and died penniless nearing the end of his Life. Outside of the death of an innocent child or harmless animal, I can’t possibly think of anything more unfair and unjust than that.

Tesla is undoubtedly the greatest and most unsung Hero of the Modern Era, and we vindicate and honor legendary individuals like this; our genetic and spiritual ancestors, that made possible the life and experiences we cherish and enjoy so much today through the way in which we choose to live our lives, along with the level of richness and depth that we bring to it 🔥🔥🔥

-Alexander Xavier Feliz




The Past and Future are concepts of the Mind; allowing us to reflect on what once was and prepare for what may or may not occur, as well as what we want to make manifest in regards to our Vision for the Life we want to enjoy living.

As helpful as these concepts may be however; when we begin to rely too much on them and allow our Mind to ponder, rely and focus too heavily on what once was or what may or may not come to pass, we will actually begin weakening ourselves and lessening the impact of our actions in the Present.

We must remember that the Here and Now, has everything we truly need to move forward with our fullest Awareness, and allows for us to see the Past and Future in the most productive and beneficial context.

The Past and Future when you think about it, are really being thought up of in the Present. So there’s only ever the Here and Now, and when we allow ourselves to be rooted and grounded by the Present; we liberate ourselves by letting go of the limiting desire for things to turn out a specific way in the Future, as well as the regret, guilt or shame from the Past.

As a result, Ladies and Gentlemen; we will increase the level of Love, Respect and Trust we have in ourselves, as well as open up our Heart and Soul to the Infinite Possibility and Potential of what may come to be when living in the Present Moment.

When we remain Present in the Here and Now, everything will simply fall into place and make the most perfect sense…

And we’ll truly become Limitless 🔥🔥🔥

-Alexander Xavier Feliz




It really all comes down to this,

Ladies and Gentlemen...

When we take continuous aligned action towards what we truly love, value and care about, we will begin finding ourselves in the company of those doing the same.

The Realest People will always tell it to you like it is with Grace and Finesse, without any ulterior motives for doing so, simply for the fact that they love you and want to see you at your very best as consistently as possible.

This will lead to you experiencing The Richest Blessings, which are Love, Joy and Peace; along with genuine conversations that have substance, get you out of your MF head and lead to profound levels of Healing that are invaluable and priceless.

These two things will ultimately produce the clarity we need to manifest the most fulfilling experiences and results that we truly want out of every area of our lives, along with a baseline level of natural, high energy without constantly fluctuating between the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Balance and Harmony is the Endgame;

and we'll only achieve this when we fully accept our deepest fears without judgement, come to know and completely let go of the limitations we place on ourselves, and move forward every single day with the highest levels of Trust, Love and Respect for ourselves possible above all else. You are deserving of Greatness, as long as you don't play yourself out of experiencing it 🔥🔥🔥




-Alexander Xavier Feliz

Your Energy is Sacred...

It has been said that the Entire Universe is made; not of Matter but of Energy.

It may look and feel Solid; the objects around you, even the ground you are standing on but in fact, although you may not be able to see it, everything is vibrating; including you!

Every single thing in the Universe is vibrating at a particular frequency.

Your thoughts and feelings; Including everything in your subconscious are transmitting a particular vibration out into the Universe and those vibrations shape the life you are living.

So are you aware of your Energy and the ways that it is being expended and refilled?

Ensure that you are restoring your Energy in healthy ways;

- Through the food you consume.

- Sleep.

- Meditation.

- Hydration.

- Fasting.

- Sun gazing.

- Breathing.

Be aware also of the people that you have around and the way they effect your Energy.

Don't waste your Energy on people that drain you and only look to take from you, those who don't appreciate or acknowledge you.

Connect with people who fill you with Energy and Inspiration, those who respect you and give back to you what you give to them.

This is how we maintain balance and ensure our Energy is always full.

We cannot give from an empty cup...

So we must protect our Energy and give from the surplus that overflows from our cup.

In return we are filled with the most Potent, Inspired, Creative and Loving Energy...

With that Energy you are capable of accomplishing all you set out to do.

Where Intention goes, Energy flows....

In Truth, Beauty and Love...

-Samantha Serra


When a Man’s Heart and Soul is centered, oriented and grounded in what is most Sacred, all of Life and the World around Him responds beautifully to the Power of his Intention and his Desire to bring the best out of each and every single day.

A Man living from this Space of Awareness and Love for Life is at his Holiest and most Divine; and that is ultimately what the Feminine wants, desires and needs most from Man…

God itself, the way in which he personifies and makes it manifest,

and the way his Consciousness brings the best out in her in his own unique way 🔥🔥🔥

-Alexander Xavier Feliz





This is a public service announcement, an invitation; that goes out to all who claim and/or strive to be Awakened, Sovereign Men.

To you all, my Dear Brothers in Spirit, I ask you:

Why do you do what you do?

Regardless of where you think you may be in terms of your level of Growth and Development, do you set aside the necessary Time and Space every now and then to ask yourself that most important question?

Although the external noise of Everyday Life and the internal noise of our own Mind can at times make it quite the challenge to extract the core essence of this question at its heart, the importance of doing so simply cannot be understated, for the answers we find are priceless and will determine the very course and quality of our Life, as well as the level of fulfillment we will derive from living it.

We are very Strong, Magnetic and Charismatic Individuals that live with Purpose and Intention; more so than most, and because of this, we carry an immense Responsibility upon our shoulders and a Duty to the World to wield that Power with Awareness, Grace and Integrity.

That being said; it's because we clearly see the underlying codes at work in the Matrix, that it can become all too easy for the parts of our Ego that haven't been fully integrated and healed to hijack it for it's own purposes.

I say integrated and healed, because unfortunately for us Modern Men, we have grown up in a Day and Age where the Society we live in, the Family that raised us and the Religious Community we perhaps form or formed a part of; had knowingly and unknowingly tricked us into believing we were beings unworthy of greatness, right up until the moment we awakened to the Reality that what we were taught couldn't have been further from the Truth and the Natural Order of Things.

For this reason, we must continually integrate and heal these very aspects of who we are on deeper and deeper levels, and nothing feels better and more redemptive after having done this most important healing work than being accepted, embraced and celebrated for doing so...

And the highest form of acceptance, embrace and celebration is found through Sexual Validation. There is nothing like feeling a Woman we're attracted to gravitating towards us and saying "Fuck Yes" energetically to the Man we've become today thanks to the genuine effort we've dedicated to becoming the best versions of ourselves, and there's nothing wrong with that in the least. It's a natural and beautiful part of the Human Experience for the Sovereign Man bringing nothing short of the best out in himself and the world around him through the powerful way he shows up and moves through life every single day when so few today choose to do so.

However as stated before, because this is such a satisfying experience to enjoy; it becomes all too easy for our Ego to overindulge in it like a drug, going so far as to completely lose sight of being able to distinguish the difference between organically manifesting connections and experiences that are truly aligned with us, and manufacturing them systematically for our immediate satisfaction.

The distinction between the two is profound and fundamentally important.

One is playing the Games of Life and Love with Long Term Gratification and Fulfillment in Mind, and the other is doing so for Short Term Pleasure and Satisfaction. One will propel us into even higher levels of Love and Awareness, and the other will hold us back from our fullest potential. One has us chasing after an External High, and the other finds us tapping into an Ever Present and Internal Peace. One will nourish our Life Force Energy, and the other will drain it.

For this reason, I sincerely invite and encourage all of you Gentlemen to ask yourselves:

'Why do I do what I do?'

The intellectual honesty with which we answer this question and how willing we are to go the distance in our Journey through Life will ultimately determine the Level of Integrity we truly possess, the Strength of our Spiritual Backbone and the Quality of our Heart and Soul as Sovereign Men 🔥🔥🔥

-Alexander Xavier Feliz




Sovereign Individuals that walk in The Way of Truth, Beauty and Love do not take from their precious time to Judge, Shame or Criticize;

Recognize, Acknowledge or Pay Attention to whack ass MFs that attempt to throw them off their Game.

As opposed to functioning as Containers for the Energy around them, they act as decisive and conscious Filters for what they will or will not allow to remain in their Sacred and Intimate Space of Awareness.

They keep it as simple as that, and move on with their day. May you do the same and move mindfully with your own level of Grace, Finesse and Swag in all you do throughout the week Ladies and Gentlemen ☀️

-Alexander Xavier Feliz




To Flow Like Water;

Trickling from the highest peaks of the mountains down to the deepest depths of the ocean…

Untamed yet divinely perfect,

No form and all forms at once,

Home to some and destruction to others,

Not fitting any mold, yet able to adapt to any condition it may require…

This... this right here is what being Free truly means,

The Magic within that is ready to be Unleashed!

In Truth, Beauty and Love…

-Samantha Serra


She quakes, trembles and shivers as this juicy, potent energy enraptures and encapsulates her entire Being...

Her Spirit, Mind and Body are completely synchronized as she is filled with Divine Inspiration and Creativity...

She craves to be penetrated by this delicious Life Force Energy more than anything...

Dripping with her Essence,

She glows radiantly and her eyes sparkle even brighter...

The Potency of her Energy leaks through her pores and pours out into everything she touches…

She craves to be devoured...

To be tasted, savoured and ravished by the one she longs for the most...

To be held tight, her body overtaken and her Mind liberated from the constant, buzzing noise of Thought...

To surrender fully to the Divine Masculine, to be dominated yet to feel protected, safe and loved…

To release the magic that has been swelling within her and to flow into him, filling him with the same Divine Inspiration and Creativity that has been flowing through her…

She is the Everlasting Fountain of which he drinks from and yet never quenches his thirst...

She is satisfying, hydrating and nourishing all while still leaving him thirsty for more...

Her Nectar is refreshing and sweet; Deliciously sticky, silky and warm...

Her Body and Spirit are Channels in Direct Communication with His Antenna, and through simply feeling into Her Transmissions, he instantly knows just what she needs, how she wants it and exactly how to give it to her...

Allowing for the Eyes to merge the Two into One, while the Lips whisper sweet words of Affirmation...

To make the Deepest Love to the Universe, making it blush intensely as it enjoys observing Poetry in Motion…

Bringing forth New Life and Creation...

This… This is what the Divine Feminine on Fire is here to do: Awaken, and explode across the entirety of the Cosmos…

Her Loving, Eternal Spirit pouring out into the Universe in perpetuity; healing the World and assisting in the Evolution of our Experience here on Planet Earth.

In Truth, Beauty and Love…

-Samantha Serra


~☆♡~Twin Flame and Soul Mate Connections~♡☆~

Soul Mates are those Spirits we resonate with on many levels, have a kindred remembrance of and are two separate souls.

Twin Flames are one Soul split in two; the Masculine and Feminine.

You resonate with this Spirit on all levels, in every way and are literally the complete, mirrored reflection of each other.

As for Soul Mates we connect with, they bring us many different experiences and lessons; growing and expanding in various ares. Soul Mates may be in your life for a long period or short period of time throughout one's life.

Twin Flames we are Eternally connected to, whether we are aware of them or not.

When we start doing the internal work to develop ourselves, our TF is inspired to do the same also.

Only at the appointed time that you have both done sufficient work internally will you be ready to come together in Physical Union.

The Twin Flame Experience is all about further expanding yourself and moving you towards Spiritual Mastery; and even more profound depths of Personal Development, Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.

The Power you possess together is unlike anything the Universe has ever witnessed before; it is felt by everyone and everything that comes into close proximity with your Energy, whether it be physical or not.

Twin Flame Unions have the most positive and direct impact on the Planet and the Universe as a Whole...

And ultimately, they are here to heal the world with the Divine Flowing Spirit and Energy that moves through them and all around them.

Not everyone may enjoy the Twin Flame Experience in this particular Lifetime, and therefore will only connect with Soul Mates to further expand themselves on their Spiritual Timeline, and that's just fine.

Those who do connect in Divine Union with their Twin Flame however, experience something so unique that most people wouldn't be able to comprehend or even understand what it is to do so.

Your Twin Flame is your Home, your Best friend, your Confidant and even at times your Mother/Father; they are equipped to take on any Role at any given moment, whatever is necessary for the Situation you find yourself in...

It is a Love so Deep, Everlasting and Timeless;

The Essence of Pure Ecstacy,

An Expansion of Infinite Power,

An Intimate Knowing, Awareness and Connection to the GOD Frequency, Source and Energy that flows within and without you Both.

In Truth, Beauty and Love…

-Samantha Serra


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